Maggie Gee: Memoir: Why Do it? And How Far Should You Go?

Novelist Maggie Gee, discussing her just-published memoir My Animal Life, with Salon co-organizer Sarah Glazer, answered questions about how far an author should go when writing about family and friends, the motherhood-work dilemma and surviving in the jungle of literary publishing. Maggie Gee, the award-winning novelist, this year published a memoir entitled My Animal Life, […]

Carole Angier & Sally Cline: The Arvon Book of Life Writing

At our very first Salon, Angier and Cline discussed their forthcoming book, which is based on a week-long residential writing workshop they teach, and posed some challenging questions about where the author’s loyalty should lie when writing about themselves and others. Carole Angier is the biographer of Jean Rhys and Primo Levi. She teaches life […]