Small Press Night: The Role of Small Presses in the Changing World of Publishing

Small presses are changing the face of publishing: Nicola Bauman, Meike Ziervogel and Candida Lacey discuss what this means for the future of books

By Jenny McPhee


Nicola Beauman of Persephone Books
Meike Ziervogel of Peirene Press
Candida Lacey of Myriad Editions
in conversation with Jenny McPhee

Nicola Beauman founded Persephone Books in 1998 to publish neglected fiction by mid-20th century women. She is the author of A Very Great Profession: The Woman’s Novel 1914-1939 and biographies of E.M. Forster, Elizabeth Taylor and Cynthia Asquith.

Candida Lacey is Managing Director of Myriad Editions, a seedbed for new talent in literary fiction and publisher of graphic novels. Before joining Myriad in 2000, she worked as commissioning editor for Routledge, Pandora Press, HarperCollins and Jonathan Cape.

Meike Ziervogel is the founder of Peirene Books, which publishes contemporary European novellas in English translation—praised by the TLS as “literary cinema for those fatigued by film.” Her forthcoming novel, Magda, about the wife of Hitler propaganda chief Goebbels, is published by Salt this spring.

Jenny McPhee, novelist, translator and co-organizer of the Upper Wimpole Street Literary Salon, previously worked as an editor at Knopf for seven years.